Jacqi Adkin’s embroidery therapy

Jacqi Adkin’s embroidery therapy
I want to share a new discovery in Markbeech: a new form of therapy!  Requires no talking, just a little ‘Austenesque’ chat around a cosy kitchen table whilst being absorbed in a concentrated, meditative activity:  embroidery.  My sewing skills are nil but in the last few weeks I have mastered running, back,  french knots, whipping, stab, cross and threaded backstitches. Jacqi Adkins is running an embroidery class in her house to share her enthusiasm and skills for this ancient craft.  Small groups of friendly ladies (I don’t think men are banned!) meeting for just a couple of hours once a week and it’s such fun! 
We are working on  little Japanese pin cushions at present and will then move on to embroidering these little pictures – see below.
Jacqi’s skills are probably well known to many – she recently exhibited her lovely work at the Topfoto Gallery in Edenbridge – and there is an example of her rather more advanced work below.  
If you are interested in joining another group do contact jacqi:  jacqi@bannerexe.com
Happy stitching! 
Nicki Talbot

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