My first CD for flute and organ.

I have just released my first CD in collaboration with organist Chris Lockyer:

Reawakening: Original Works for Flute and Organ

This compilation showcases works composed exclusively for the western concert flute family and classical pipe organ from 1800 to date, and features many premier recordings, including those performed from original manuscripts.

The CD comprises twenty three tracks, and is accompanied by a fully illustrated fifty six page booklet. In addition to my study of the repertoire, I have also created a website, which will be updated as my research continues to unfold.

The CD is priced at £15, and can be purchased from me directly.

Here is a sample track from the CD, taken from Fourteen Liturgical Meditations by Jacques Berthier.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to all those within the Benefice who have so very generously contributed to my studies, which has inevitably enabled me to study this area in greater depth and to produce my first CD!

Angela Purll

Mobile: (+44) (0) 7717 186 435



Skype Name: Angela.Purll


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