Church Schools Festival at Rochester Cathedral: June 17 2011

The Church Schools Festival is an annual event for year 6 pupils, teachers and clergy in Church Schools in the Rochester diocese. This year, we were celebrating 200 years of Church Schools. The theme of the day this year was ‘Firm Foundations’.

In the morning, children practised their contribution to the afternoon service and the hymns which were to be sung. They were also given guides to the cathedral. Hever school children enjoyed dressing up as monks and being told a little about a monk’s life.

The service began just after 1pm, with schools contributing worship songs and dances, dramatisations from the Bible and prayers at different points in the service. Each school had brought a ‘Book of memories’ which they exchanged with another school.

Hever children sang ‘Faithful One’ and accompanied their singing with deaf sign language to make the meaning clearer.

There was  Holy Communion and a blessing and Hever was lucky to be ‘served’ by its very own rector, Reverend Jane Weeks.

Children and adults alike had a very blessed time and hopefully Hever’s ‘leavers’, our year 6 children, will retain a fine memory of that day.

Felicity Layton (RE teacher, Hever School)


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