Rector’s Letter for April

Is it always cool to wear shades?

I used to think so but a report in ‘Harvard Health Letter’ says;

‘That a lack of light ‘might disrupt brain processes influenced by serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals that play a role in mood.’

Daylight hits the optic nerve and travels through neural pathways to our brain to produce the body’s natural feel good chemicals. Exposure to the sun’s rays is crucial to our health and wellbeing, not just for these feel good chemicals, but to boost our levels of vitamin D – nicknamed the ‘sunshine vitamin’, which is not only good for our bones and for our immune systems, but also helps to guard against respiratory disease and diabetes. Research has shown that when produced naturally, it also reduces the risk of cancer, flu, colds and depression. In the summer just 10 minutes of sun between 11am and 3pm is enough or 30 minutes when the sun is not strong.

The sun not only brings new life in the spring but good health to us all!

Jesus in John’s Gospel tells Nicodemus, and us, several very important things about what it means to be born again into the Spirit of God. We cannot do it ourselves; it is a gift from God, that we cannot earn and neither will it be forced upon us; it is always our choice to receive God’s blessing or to reject it! To be born again means to see the world in a new light, it gives us the lenses that invite us to see the world in a special way. The invisible people in our community and in our world- the poor, the lonely, the sick, the oppressed-take on a sudden brilliance in our eyes.

To be born again draws our vision upward towards the cross and when we are finally willing to stand in the shadow of the cross, then we will know what it is to be ‘new creatures’ free from our burdens and pains. And, though we stand in the shadow of suffering, witnessed by the pain and death of Christ, it is also a place where the cool shade of God’s grace gives us refuge. The shade of the cross is where we find refuge; a place where we come for respite, to relieve our weary selves even for a few moments, but we must always move again into the world back into the light!

So let’s take off our shades and enjoy the sun! Happy Easter!

Easter flowers


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