Annual Parish Church Meetings

The annual meetings for each of our churches take place over the next month. It’s a legal requirement that we formally elect the Parish Church Council members and various officers, and normally most appointments are uncontested! Getting people to serve on these councils is more of a problem, but in fact the duties are not onerous and there are many benefits to being on the inside track when planning the churches activities, knowing how things work, dreaming up fundraising events and promoting good causes, and thus influencing how our communities function. People love living in our villages and the sense of community is one of the things at the top of their list of likes, and the churches and their activities are a huge part of that community glue.

The dates and venues for the APCMs are:

  • Markbeech on April 14th at 7.30pm for 8.00pm in the Kentish Horse.
  • Four Elms on April 26th at 7.45pm in Four Elms Parish Rooms.
  • Hever on April 27th at 8.00pm at Hever Rectory.

Please come and support your local church and get involved!


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