Intercessions 21 May

Dear Father we come here today with love and gratitude to reflect upon the joys and sorrows of this past week. We thank you for all the benefits we enjoy and for the many advantages of living in this country in this day and age. Today as we celebrate the feast of Ascension Day we thank you for the inspiration and comfort that Holy Trinity church has given over many years. We remember those who have worshipped in this church – all those who have been baptised, confirmed, married and buried here. We remember too the priests who have ministered at Holy Trinity and we thank you for the love and devotion of our incumbent priest, Wendy.

Lord in your mercy

Loving Father, as we celebrate Rogationtide this week, you promise to supply all our needs out of your abundant store. Prosper the labours of those who enable us to enjoy the resources of nature, whether by farming, fishing or industrial work, that we may render thanks and praise to you through Jesus Christ our Lord. We ask your blessing on the sowing of the seed and the labours of those who work on the land that the earth may yield its full harvest and the needs of all men may be supplied.

Lord in your mercy

We pray for the Church of God throughout the world – for unity in faith, in witness and in service, for bishops and other ministers and those whom they serve, for all Christians, for those who are mocked and persecuted for their faith, that God will confirm his Church in faith, increase it in love and preserve it in peace.

Lord in your mercy

Most merciful God, we ask your blessing on all those getting married in the Benefice this year May their marriage be for them a source of great and loving good. Spare them long to each other and keep them faithful, tender and true so that they may live together in peace and happiness and may your blessing be upon them in their home and in all the work of their hands.

Lord in your mercy

We pray for all young people growing up in our schools and universities especially for those taking important examinations the results of which will affect their future lives. Lord, for the vision of youth, its love of justice, strength of purpose and honesty of mind, we bring our thanks and praise. Make plain your living word to the rising generation that they may grow up in the love of Christ, to love and honour your name and to render service to others.

Lord in your mercy

We pray for the sick in mind and body and spirit. Hear our prayers on behalf of those who are bearing the burden of sickness or pain. Bless the work being done by our doctors, nurses and all those who have the care of the sick. Dear Lord we pray for all those who are handicapped – give them courage to accept the things they cannot change and to face life with brave and trustful hearts knowing that in their affliction and frustration they are not along but are surrounded by your love.

Lord in your mercy

We thank you Lord God for the grace you gave to those who lived according to your will and are now at rest. We pray that their good example may encourage and guide us all the days of our life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord in your mercy

by Ann Bellamy



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