Dear Lord God, we thank you for bringing us to this place of peace and tranquillity today to sing, worship and pray to you, to give thanks for all the goodness in our lives and to pray for all that troubles us.   For each one of us there was a reason for coming here this morning,  we ask you Lord will graft, increase and nourish the seed which has been sown and through your Fatherly mercy and affection will keep that seed growing until it blossoms and magnifies your Holy name.

Lord in your mercy

We give thanks Lord for our community in Markbeech, Four Elms and Hever and for the faithful ministry of Wendy.  We give thanks for the many aspects of summer fun that we enjoy together – for the success of the village fetes in Four Elms and Chiddingstone; and for summer parties and picnics.  We pray for all the couples being married this summer in our churches and pray that they have felt  the love of God that shines through their wedding day and that this stays with them during all their lives together. We give thanks for holidays and pray that families may truly relax and enjoy their time together.

Lord in your mercy

Heavenly father, we pray for our children and our children’s children; we pray for all the children in our community, in our country and across the whole world.  We pray that you will guide parents and be with them during all the difficult decisions that they make on behalf of their children.  We pray that the needs of children will be given the highest priority in our social welfare and education budgets.  We pray that we find it in our hearts to treat displaced children as we would treat our own, and to take responsibility for the poor and needy, wherever they come from.

Lord in your mercy

Dear Lord, we pray for the sick whether in mind or body.  We pray for all those undergoing treatment for cancer and for those who are supporting them.  We pray for all those undergoing tests for worrying symptoms and for those who are supporting them.  We pray for all those who are feeling low and depressed and for those who are supporting them.  Let us have a few moments silence to bring to mind all those close to us who need our prayers at this time. ….  Lord, we ask that they may feel the comfort of your love in their darkest moments and that their gloom is lifted.

Lord in your mercy

Lord, we pray for all those whom we have loved who are now departed this life. May they rest in peace, and rise in glory. By your grace, may they and we be one in you in life everlasting.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Nicola Talbot


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