Please help us give joy to traumatized women!

Can you imagine what it’s like to be in fear of your life from your partner? To be hit, burned, punched and told you’re ugly and worthless on a regular basis.

Can you even begin to imagine how it must be to have been sold into slavery as a child? To be brought to the UK as a domestic slave and never to have had a day off work in your life; never to have had a moment of fun just for yourself; to have only slept on the kitchen floor, and been beaten if you raised your eyes when spoken to by your ‘owner’?

Maybe you can imagine the trauma of being told you have terminal cancer, and how it might feel to lose your breasts, your hair and your dignity as you’re poked and prodded and put into machines.

Now imagine you can help give women who have suffered such trauma some fun in their lives – dancing to lively music, shaking their shoulders, swinging their hips and laughing as they shimmy and sway in the company of other women just like them.

Markbeech based Company of Dreams is a unique charitable company, which teaches free, weekly bellydance classes in local women’s refuges, rape support groups, hospices and organisations supporting victims of slavery and trafficking. Our work is changing women’s lives, helping raise their self esteem and body confidence and giving women a little joy and fun to take their minds off the terrible things they’ve suffered.

We are completely local – our director and board members all live in the benefice or nearby and much of our work is in the county, including at the Hospice in the Weald and two local refuges for women escaping domestic violence.

But we need your help!

In September we are joining a global fundraising challenge to raise funds for our unique work. We have people all over the UK doing amazing things to raise money for us (two dancers are actually climbing Mount Snowdon in bellydance outfits to raise funds for us!) But to have the support of our friends in the benefice will help so much. Many people already gave so generously at our Markbeech fundraiser in June and enabled us to begin this inspiring work, but not everyone could make that event.

So we’re making this special plea!

Please consider giving a donation to our work. Even the smallest amount really can help us make a difference to the lives of women who have suffered so much. To donate please email or go to




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