Intercessions Ana Roxburgh 18 February

Dear Lord, as Lent starts we confess our weaknesses and mistakes and we ask for your patience and support to learn from our mistakes and become better people. May our small sacrifice of giving up a daily comfort to help us prepare for receiving your son, our saviour Jesus Christ into our hearts at the time of Easter.

Lord in your mercy

Heavenly Father, bless our children, that may they grow up secure, healthy, loved and happy, that they may grow up into confident, good people, willing to learn and to make the world a better and fairer place for people of any colour and religion. And that we may succeed to inspire our children to live in peace and respect of each other.

We pray that children everywhere will not have access to guns and that they won’t use them or suffer because the use of them. And we pray for the families whose children have been killed by guns, may their suffering be healed and may they find peace. We also pray for the children and the families of the troubled children who have used guns and took innocent lives.

We pray for the children feeling low, stressed, depressed, for those who are experiencing mental health problems and their families. May they find the help they need to come through their difficulties, may they not be pushed into drugs or self harm, may they be saved.

Lord in your mercy

We pray for Elisabeth our Queen, for her family and her reign, for world leaders and the future of humanity.

Lord in your mercy

We pray for the sick people in our community and those recently departed.

Lord in your mercy

God of all creation, we pray for the reduction of waste in the world, for adopting more of a reuse, reduce, repair, recycle, recover attitude to the products we use. We pray for removal of plastic, especially from any food products and for finding alternative materials that are not dangerous for the environment.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen


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