Hever Village Hall Survey

Hever Village Hall belongs to you as residents. Please help us, the current management, by completing a short survey to give us your views on what improvements could be made and how they can be funded. We also seek help in managing the Hall for future generations.

To give you some history:
When the 800 ‘navvies’ had finished their excavations for the 35 acre lake at Hever Castle in the early 1900s, their accommodation huts became redundant. One of them – built in the style, and with the materials, of a ‘Tin Tabernacle’, was kindly donated to the Villagers of Hever by Lady Violet Astor as ‘A Men’s Reading Room’.

Following two world wars, Hever Men’s Club was in no position to maintain, let alone improve it. This task was taken on by Hever Women’s Institute, who leased the Hall for a period, but eventually found the task too much, and the freehold was donated to Trustees, led by the Rev.Collins in 1946. The Hall has since prospered, most notably under the chairmanship of David Woollett who carried out major refurbishments and improvements, including new flooring and wall structures with insulation throughout, adding land for a paddock and car park and disabled toilet facilities in the 1980/90s.
Since then, further refurbishments have taken place including work on the car park, installing a new sewage system, double glazing, electrics, curtains and seating, repainting, et al…
Our ‘Little Red Hall’ owes it’s very existence as a thriving community asset to the involvement, forethought and generosity of Villagers

Looking to the future:
Hever Village Hall is a registered charity and is managed by a voluntary committee. We run it for the benefit of everyone in the community. Although the present and past committees have worked hard to maintain the Hall, we recognise that improvements are needed to update the facilities. (For example, in the near future we must repaint, or better still, re-clad the roof.)

We would be very grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete the short survey, whether or not you make use of the Hall

Thank you for your help.

The Hever Village Hall Committee
Registered charity number: 302763


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