Intercessions 30 September Marion Purll

We pray for our Saints today being St Michael’s Day. Thank you Lord for the faith of our great Saints and keep us in awe of these great people and allow us to always learn from them.

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer

Dear Lord, we thank you for our church for our Diocese, our Benefice, our church wardens and especially for Wendy our priest in charge and for all of us here today. We pray for faith and religion throughout the world.

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer

We pray for our Queen, all those in authority under her and for our Royal Family and everything they represent. We give thanks and praise for the world in which we live and the glory within it.

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

We pray for our families and their love for our friends and neighbours and our whole community. We pray for those soon to be confirmed and those who have recently been or are soon to be baptised, especially David here with us today, for couples who have been or will be married this year. May their lives be filled with peace, happiness and contentment.

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

We pray for those who are in need, trouble, sorrow, sickness, despair and any other adversity. We pray for the lonely, the homeless those who are starving, the victims of war and conflict. Our thoughts and prayers at this time are very much with the people of Indonesia suffering the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

We pray too for those close to home particularly for Julia Mckillop, Huw Roberts, Pat Humphreys, Anne Uphill, Rosemary Bayford, Jill, Len and Michael Linden and for those whose names are included in our prayers from visitors to our church and any other known to us.

We also pray for those recently departed and all those whose years mind fall at this time. We pray for your loving presence both in this world and the next.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen


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