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Intercessions’ Guide

It is lovely to hear different people lead the prayers at our services. Every one brings their own perspective, hopes and concerns. Leading the prayers is a wonderful form of ministry, and we all appreciate it. What happens effectively is that the leader enables the congregation to share in offering prayer as he or she gives voice to their own prayers and thanksgivings.

So far as intercessions are concerned, ‘one size’ does not fit all, and while there are some guidelines in this document, each person is free to develop their own pattern and wording. One of the few ‘rules’ is that intercessions should be quite short – no more than 5 minutes! But you will find other hints and tips here, too.

The purpose of this guide is to offer help to different people, including –

  • those who have been asked to join the team, but are new to the idea and feel at a loss about where/how to start;
  • those who have some experience but might like to think through different forms;
  • those who have been doing it for years and simply would like to review their approach;

If you have been asked already, I hope these notes are helpful. If you are considering the idea or would like to volunteer, please call me, I would love to hear that there are more people who would like to join the team! The more people who lead our intercessions, the more occasional will be the need.

Please click HERE to see the INTERCESSIONS’ GUIDE.


Prayers of intercession 3rd September

Mighty God, what can we offer in thanks to the one who has given us all? How can we bring our praises to the one who blesses us in wonderful abundance? It is hard to figure out how to express our gratitude, to decide where to begin to offer our gratefulness for what you have given.

Our health, wealth and well being, our vibrant community, friends and family, the summer sunshine we have enjoyed, the rolling hills and tranquility of our Parish and surrounds.

Make us mindful of these gifts you have labored to give us, and inspire us to commit ourselves to their care and appreciation. Never to take for granted what we have and what you have provided.   

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Dear God, move us to persevere in prayer, to extend hospitality to strangers, to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep. At this time we ask for your strength and guidance to those affected so terribly by Hurricane Harvey, those in particularly in Houston who have lost the things we hold dear, through no fault of their own, their family, friends, possessions and homes. Your strength at this time may offer comfort and a semblance of light as they seek to slowly repair and rebuild the damage, loss and sorrow that has been caused.  

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Loving God, we pray for all of those around the world who are blighted by suffering, many who’s plight we may never know or hear of, may you help them to find a way forward with love and support.

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Merciful God, we pray for our church and its mission. Make your church ready to lose its life for your sake. Unite it in service, sustain it in suffering and let its love for others be genuine.

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Everlasting God, lead us into the coming week, let us rejoice in the children heading back to school, starting the next exciting chapter in their lives. May their education and development be indicative of all that is good about being young, the thirst for knowledge and to do what is right and true, may they be allowed to prosper in home and school environments full of encouragement and enthusiasm. We pray that you watch over them and share in these joyous times.

Into your hands, gracious God, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting the power of Christ and the gifts of the spirit.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Duncan West


Dear Lord God, we thank you for bringing us to this place of peace and tranquillity today to sing, worship and pray to you, to give thanks for all the goodness in our lives and to pray for all that troubles us.   For each one of us there was a reason for coming here this morning,  we ask you Lord will graft, increase and nourish the seed which has been sown and through your Fatherly mercy and affection will keep that seed growing until it blossoms and magnifies your Holy name.

Lord in your mercy

We give thanks Lord for our community in Markbeech, Four Elms and Hever and for the faithful ministry of Wendy.  We give thanks for the many aspects of summer fun that we enjoy together – for the success of the village fetes in Four Elms and Chiddingstone; and for summer parties and picnics.  We pray for all the couples being married this summer in our churches and pray that they have felt  the love of God that shines through their wedding day and that this stays with them during all their lives together. We give thanks for holidays and pray that families may truly relax and enjoy their time together.

Lord in your mercy

Heavenly father, we pray for our children and our children’s children; we pray for all the children in our community, in our country and across the whole world.  We pray that you will guide parents and be with them during all the difficult decisions that they make on behalf of their children.  We pray that the needs of children will be given the highest priority in our social welfare and education budgets.  We pray that we find it in our hearts to treat displaced children as we would treat our own, and to take responsibility for the poor and needy, wherever they come from.

Lord in your mercy

Dear Lord, we pray for the sick whether in mind or body.  We pray for all those undergoing treatment for cancer and for those who are supporting them.  We pray for all those undergoing tests for worrying symptoms and for those who are supporting them.  We pray for all those who are feeling low and depressed and for those who are supporting them.  Let us have a few moments silence to bring to mind all those close to us who need our prayers at this time. ….  Lord, we ask that they may feel the comfort of your love in their darkest moments and that their gloom is lifted.

Lord in your mercy

Lord, we pray for all those whom we have loved who are now departed this life. May they rest in peace, and rise in glory. By your grace, may they and we be one in you in life everlasting.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Nicola Talbot

Intercessions 28 May

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all you have given to us. We thank you for our families and friends, for the people in our lives that have treated us with love, for our church and our priest Wendy, but most of all we thank you for Jesus, for his love and teaching, for his death on the cross, his Ascension and the new life he brought to us as a result of this.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

God bless Elisabeth our Queen and her family. God bless our Prime Minister and everyone involved in difficult negotiations for the future of our country. God bless and guide all the leaders in the world and their advisors, the powers you have given to them may be put to good use and may their decision be wise and may they bring people together. We pray for unity and understanding.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We pray for the ones affected by the attack in Manchester, for the people that have lost their lives, those who are suffering and the ones who fight terrorism. We mourn with them and ask you to bring healing into their lives. We also are reminded how fragile our life is and how we should appreciate the joyful moments we spend with our loved ones.

We pray for the police, and the security services that they may find ways to prevent future attacks on our way of life. We pray that evil plans against humanity are not carried out with success. We pray that all those who think about giving their lives to take others that they will see the light of your teaching and love and they will stop.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We pray for the truth, that it may always rise above individuals, no matter how influential they are. We pray for the media to stay impartial, for people to keep informed and to recognize truth and follow a Christian path.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We also ask for your blessing for friends and neighbours and we pray for people in our community that are ill in body or mind or spirit

May your presence be with them and relieve their suffering, help them restore.

We pray for the departed, Nigel Snelling Collyer, Monty Koppell, take their souls and brng comfort to those they leave behind.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We pray for our parents, for the people that have shaped us to be, for all their love and happy memories we had together with them. We thank you for having them in our lives, but most of all we thank You God, Heavenly Father for coming into our lives and for holding our hand whenever we needed you.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Ana Roxburgh

New Prayer Group

There has been a slight feeling that the prayer group was sort of secret, and the domain of only of a few.
WIth that in mind it is being restyled hopefully to lose the exclusive feeling. The new group will just be called ‘The Benefice Prayer Group’ and will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 11am in The Rectory. It will be a reflective group that will focus on pastoral issues and prayer, praying for people in the community, national and international issues. From that group it is hoped that the pastoral needs of the Benefice will be met through visits and contact of members. So please put this in your diary and feel welcome to join the group as and when you can, and bring to it any particular concerns so that they can be prayed for.