Looking at angels

From the National Gallery, two beautiful little films about angels in art.



Markbeech Christmas Bazaar 

All around the village people are preparing! Jars are being labelled, spices are steeping, supplies are being gathered so that all is ready for Saturday at noon. Come and make our efforts worthwhile by joining us at our annual bazaar. Buy some yummy goodies, get ahead on your Christmas presents and save on making lunch by enjoying a delicious quiche or home made soup.  


Prayers of Intercession MB 15 October

Heavenly Father, we come together in this peaceful place to feel your presence within us, hear these words of comfort and joy and to give thanks for all that we are blessed with in our lives.  We thank you Lord for the beauty of this place and the seasons that we are so lucky to enjoy .  We thank you for the soil that grows our crops, the grass that feeds our animals and the trees that feed the air.  Help us to hold the principles of good ecological management in our hearts, Lord, in caring for this land for future generations. 

Lord in your mercy; hear our prayer

Dear Lord, we give thanks for our friends, family and community in Markbeech, Hever and Four Elms and for the pleasure of our Harvest festivities.  We give thanks for the committed and spiritual leadership of Wendy.  Lord, Guide us to be more sensitive to the needs of our neighbours and in our dealings with each other, teach us to listen, and teach us to forgive.  Teach us to understand, and teach us to love. 

Lord in your mercy; hear our prayer

Heavenly father, we give thanks for Jill’s recovery from her operation and we pray that her faith in you, Lord, continues to be strong and carries her through the treatment that is now to follow.  We pray too for Len that his leg may be healed and that he may be made strong again to enjoy his remaining years in full health.  We pray for all others suffering poor health, please call out the names of those close to you so that we can take a moment to pray for them as well: …

We pray too, for ourselves and remember the comforting words of Paul:  ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.’

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Dear Lord, we pray for a troubled world and for all those less fortunate than ourselves.  Today, let us pray especially for refugees and those seeking a better way of life.  We give thanks for the recent rescue of over 600 people from Africa and for the 150,000 migrants that are being cared for by non-profit aid groups in Italy and Greece.  We pray Lord for their safety and for our compassion in their plight.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Heavenly father, we remember all those that we have loved who are now in your tender care.  Help us to keep the good memories of our time together sweet, and to allow sour memories to be buried.

Merciful Father …

Nicola Talbot

Church warden at Holy Trinity Markbeech

Visit to Hever Church

A group from Holy Trinity Church, Upper Tooting, London visited St Peter’s Hever a few weeks ago. They have sent us a letter and some pictures that we would very much like to share with you.
“We enjoyed our visit to St Peter’s Church very much last Saturday – thank you.  There was time for everyone to have a good look round and then we had prayers before setting off for Chiddingstone and Penshurst finishing at Leigh.  Here are some photos of us taken inside and outside the church.
IMG_5762 The HT Walkers at St. Peter_s Church, Hever-1
IMG_5764 The HT Walkers at St. Peter_s Church, Hever-1
We couldn’t have had better weather – warm sunshine most of the way with only one, fairly short-lived, shower very near the end of the walk.  Last year we had rain from beginning to end so it was quite a relief!”

Cafe Church & The Meaningful Chocolate Company Advent Calendar Competition

This Sunday is Café St Peter’s at Hever Primary School at 10.30am and we will be working to enter the Chocolate Advent Calendar competition. Join us!

To celebrate the launch of the 2017 Real Advent Calendar a special competition has been announced. Schools, churches and children’s groups are invited to design their own Advent Calendar. There are three first prizes of £150 in each category and three runners-up prizes of £50. All winners and runners-up will also receive a box of Host of Angels Christmas tree decorations.  

ChocolateCafé Church

For more information and the entry details please click on the following link – https://meaningfulchocolate.co.uk/pages/advent-competition

Prayers of Intercession MB 17th September

Let us pray to our God and thank him for bringing us to worship in his church today.

Heavenly father, we pray for all who are called to work as leaders in your Church. We pray for greater recognition of your presence in our Christian communities, and the removal of all that obscures our vision of you.

We thank you for the leadership and teaching that Wendy provides for us and for the support given to her by our Church wardens, Nikki and Marie-Lou. Father, we pray that you will give them your guidance and support, as they go about their daily work.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for the people of the United States of America and the Caribbean devastated by hurricanes. We pray for all who have lost their homes and livelihoods. We pray especially for the children, the poor, and for the sick and frail, who have been so badly hit by this disaster. And, we pray for all who have died – may they rest in peace.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord God, we pray that many may be empowered to recognise evil and fight against it. We pray that you will be there to guide our world leaders, as they struggle to find a peaceful answer, to the threat posed to civilisation by North Korea.

We pray for all affected by war and tyranny in the world and, in particular, for all who are driven from their homes to seek safety. We pray for the Muslim refugees fleeing to Bangladesh from the oppression in Myanmar.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord, we bring you thanks and praise for the beauty of your creation and we pray that you will open our eyes to see all the beauty around us. As the season changes and summer gives way to autumn, help us to appreciate your greatness in giving us the different seasons, each fulfilling our various needs.

Help us to safeguard your world, so that our children and future generations will benefit from the natural beauty which you have created.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Father, we pray for our community, our friends and neighbours, and the members of our families. Grant that we shall truly love one another; teach us to hear different opinions and to respect those with whom we disagree.

Bless the children in our families and throughout the world. May they grow up secure in your teaching and learn to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Help their parents and those close to them, to provide the love and stability, which is so important in their formative years.

We pray for the children and teachers returning to school after the summer holidays. May the new term see old friendships renewed and new ones formed. Lord, be with them as they discover more about themselves and more about each other. Grant them patience, wisdom and courage to face the challenges that lie ahead.

We pray for those who are recently married, especially Richard and Lottie, who were married in this church yesterday. Lord, grant them a long and happy life together and strengthen them to grow in love and understanding day by day.

Lord in your mercy, hear or prayer.

Let us pray for those who are sick or in need of God’s help at this time.

We pray for the sick both at home and in hospital or hospice, and for those awaiting consultations and treatment, especially our dear friend Jill Linden.

We pray for all who minister to their needs, both from within the family and from the medical staff and voluntary services. Let their care follow the example shown by Jesus, who responded to the needs of all who were sick or in need of help.

We pray for those who have died and for those whose hearts have been saddened by the death of someone close to them. Give to them comfort, sure in the knowledge that they will meet again face to face in heaven.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

The Gospel is the good news that God is restoring our broken lives through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Father, we thank you for your love and involvement in our lives. Just as Jesus gave his life for us, help us to give our lives back to you. Fill us with your love and help us to follow you.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Nick Irens, Holy Trinity, Markbeech

Calling all knitters!

The Great Making Miracles Knit and Natter Session

– Rochester Cathedral on Saturday 14th October 2017 –

Supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week

Making Miracles is a Kent and Medway registered charity which provides a full range of support services for ladies and their families experiencing “High Risk” pregnancies, premature birth or baby loss.  We provide services like bereavement and trauma counselling, a buddying service linking someone who has been through a similar experience to someone who has just discovered there is a problem with their pregnancy, online and telephone support and much more.  We also have a Baby Memorial Garden because, if you lose a baby before 24 weeks, you do not get a death certificate so you have no place or record of your lost baby.   At our garden parents may have a plaque or entry in our Book of Remembrance so that there is that permanent memory and record of their lost child.

To help pay for all the above we fundraise and we also have some amazing volunteers who give up one day every month to work on one of our community stalls to support us and where we sell baby items such as cardigans, blankets, toys and other things for babies which other volunteers have knitted for us.  Every penny we raise from the sale of all our goods goes to fund the services we provide as we are all volunteers producing and selling the goods for these families.

We would like to invite you to come along on the above date at 10 am until 1 pm to help us knit as many 6 inch x 6 inch squares as possible in pink, blue, cream or white which will then be sewn together to make beautiful blankets for our stalls.  If this is something you and anyone you know would be interested in doing PLEASE do come along as we would love to have as many “knitters” having a knit and natter session and make this the biggest group meeting in the UK for such a session.  Please bring size 8 needles.  If you are able and willing to make a start on those squares before the event please feel free to bring those with you too (cast on 30 stitches and knit 56 rows for your square please)as well as any other baby items you have made which we could also sell on our stalls.

We will also provide refreshments so it’s important that we have a good idea of numbers (and we also need to let the Cathedral know!) and in order to achieve that I would ask that you email me sally@makingmiracles.org.uk advising me of the names of anyone that is attending to help us.  Please do share this with friends and family and let’s make this the biggest knitting session ever held!

With kindest regards
Sally Howells

Prayers of intercession 17th September

We come before You dear God to thank you for being with us in all that we do, for loving us unconditionally as the good parent that You are. Forgive us for not making enough time for you in our lives, for coming to you asking for help and giving little in exchange. Thank you for the opportunities you give us to help others repaying You for the goodness you show us.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

Father of all creation, we thank you for all the writers, painters, musicians and artists that have enriched our lives, given us moments of happiness, and  inspired  us through the gifts that You have given them. Make their work as well as ours be put to good use, to bring friendship among people and those people bring unity across nations, rissing above their differences.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

In a time of international turmoil and evil deeds in our own country, we pray for political and economic stability. We pray for strong leaders, guided by good intentions and willing to develop and preserve this world for the future of our children.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We pray for all those who lost their homes due to natural disasters, give them the strength to rebuild them, the faith that the sun will shine again. We pray that you give them the inspiration to adapt and help them find solutions to be safe next time the nature is violent. Arise in us love for nature, help us study it, learn from it and be kind to it, so that nature is kind to us.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

We also ask for your blessing for friends and neighbours and we pray for people in our community.

Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer

Lord give us courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones. And when we have finished our daily tasks, let us go to sleep in peace, knowing that God is awake and looks over us.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Ana Maria Roxburgh

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Hever Primary School

29th September


Last year Talie & Helen hosted a very success MacMillan Coffee Morning in the village hall and they’re up for doing it again.
Although we’re holding it in school, the event is open to all who wish to come along, or get involved with some baking or donations for the raffle. Please get in touch with Helen if you wish to bake a cake or donate a prize for the raffle helen.oconnell7@outlook.com

MacMillan coffe morning

Please help us give joy to traumatized women!

Can you imagine what it’s like to be in fear of your life from your partner? To be hit, burned, punched and told you’re ugly and worthless on a regular basis.

Can you even begin to imagine how it must be to have been sold into slavery as a child? To be brought to the UK as a domestic slave and never to have had a day off work in your life; never to have had a moment of fun just for yourself; to have only slept on the kitchen floor, and been beaten if you raised your eyes when spoken to by your ‘owner’?

Maybe you can imagine the trauma of being told you have terminal cancer, and how it might feel to lose your breasts, your hair and your dignity as you’re poked and prodded and put into machines.

Now imagine you can help give women who have suffered such trauma some fun in their lives – dancing to lively music, shaking their shoulders, swinging their hips and laughing as they shimmy and sway in the company of other women just like them.

Markbeech based Company of Dreams is a unique charitable company, which teaches free, weekly bellydance classes in local women’s refuges, rape support groups, hospices and organisations supporting victims of slavery and trafficking. Our work is changing women’s lives, helping raise their self esteem and body confidence and giving women a little joy and fun to take their minds off the terrible things they’ve suffered.

We are completely local – our director and board members all live in the benefice or nearby and much of our work is in the county, including at the Hospice in the Weald and two local refuges for women escaping domestic violence.

But we need your help!

In September we are joining a global fundraising challenge to raise funds for our unique work. We have people all over the UK doing amazing things to raise money for us (two dancers are actually climbing Mount Snowdon in bellydance outfits to raise funds for us!) But to have the support of our friends in the benefice will help so much. Many people already gave so generously at our Markbeech fundraiser in June and enabled us to begin this inspiring work, but not everyone could make that event.

So we’re making this special plea!

Please consider giving a donation to our work. Even the smallest amount really can help us make a difference to the lives of women who have suffered so much. To donate please email charlotte@companyofdreams.net or go to www.companyofdreams.net/support



Harvest Festival & Family lunch in Markbeech

Sunday 24th September

Family Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity Markbeech at 11.00 am followed by a delicious lunch in the Village Hall.   £12.50 per person, children under 12 free.  If you are not able to make the church service then come along for lunch at 12.15.

Please call/email Marielou Linklater to book your space:

Marielou@me.com / 07860 436668

Prayers of intercession 3rd September

Mighty God, what can we offer in thanks to the one who has given us all? How can we bring our praises to the one who blesses us in wonderful abundance? It is hard to figure out how to express our gratitude, to decide where to begin to offer our gratefulness for what you have given.

Our health, wealth and well being, our vibrant community, friends and family, the summer sunshine we have enjoyed, the rolling hills and tranquility of our Parish and surrounds.

Make us mindful of these gifts you have labored to give us, and inspire us to commit ourselves to their care and appreciation. Never to take for granted what we have and what you have provided.   

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Dear God, move us to persevere in prayer, to extend hospitality to strangers, to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep. At this time we ask for your strength and guidance to those affected so terribly by Hurricane Harvey, those in particularly in Houston who have lost the things we hold dear, through no fault of their own, their family, friends, possessions and homes. Your strength at this time may offer comfort and a semblance of light as they seek to slowly repair and rebuild the damage, loss and sorrow that has been caused.  

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Loving God, we pray for all of those around the world who are blighted by suffering, many who’s plight we may never know or hear of, may you help them to find a way forward with love and support.

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Merciful God, we pray for our church and its mission. Make your church ready to lose its life for your sake. Unite it in service, sustain it in suffering and let its love for others be genuine.

Lord, in your Mercy: Hear our Prayer

Everlasting God, lead us into the coming week, let us rejoice in the children heading back to school, starting the next exciting chapter in their lives. May their education and development be indicative of all that is good about being young, the thirst for knowledge and to do what is right and true, may they be allowed to prosper in home and school environments full of encouragement and enthusiasm. We pray that you watch over them and share in these joyous times.

Into your hands, gracious God, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting the power of Christ and the gifts of the spirit.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Duncan West

Information and news from the benefice of Hever, Four Elms and Markbeech churches in the Weald of Kent.

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