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Songs of Praise for a Summer Evening

16th July 6pm

St Peter’s Hever

What better way can there be of spending some time on a sunny Summer evening than to sing your favourite hymns in the Church garden? Come and join us on Sunday 16th July when the service at Hever at 6pm will be a Songs of Praise.

If you let me or your wardens know which is your favourite hymn, we will make sure to include it – traditional and modern hymns or songs – all that is needed is that you love to sing them!

There will also be a list in our churches for you to complete if you prefer. Let’s hope there will be some interesting and familiar special choices. Then, we look forward to filling the Summer evening air with singing to the glory of God!


Open Studios June 2017

Glass, Ceramics, Textiles, Printmaking & Paintings

The Red House, Rectory Lane, Hever, TN8 7LH

01732 864 874

Parking is in an adjacent field, which will be muddy if it has been a lot of rain!

Opening times June

10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th

11am – 5pm

Days when I’m definitely here are in bold.

To find out which days each other artists are present, please go to or

Christian Aid Lunch

12 noon, Sunday 21st May, at the Rectory in Hever

After the Rogation walk at 10.15 from Markbeech we will depart to the Rectory in Hever for a ploughman’s lunch to support Christian Aid. Lunch costs only £5 per person.

Join in and help us raise valuable funds for deprived families! Christian Aid are changing lives for 60 years!



Easter Day Services

Easter – a time of excitement, promise and hope. Everywhere you turn there are signs of Spring, of new creation – new birth and new beginnings. The Easter egg symbolises new life, but also it is a reminder of the sealed tomb from where Jesus rose to a new life – a resurrected and transformed life. There are so many Easter traditions and games associated with eggs – egg hunts, egg rolling, egg colouring (with dyes and paints), and a new one for me – egg ‘jarping’, where contestants tap each other’s egg until one breaks. A good hit was called a ‘dunch’ – then the eggs were eaten – heaven for chocoholics!


Games like this can help us to recall that our Christian faith hinges on the reality of the Resurrection. Faith isn’t about facts and historical accuracy, it is about trust even when the evidence doesn’t seem to stack up. So, as we say on Easter morning “Christ is Risen. Alleluia!” it is a reminder that though the tomb in which Jesus was laid was laid was forbidding, cold and dark, this is not the end of the story – it is the beginning of a new story – a story of transformation, and it reminds us that nothing, not even death itself is out of the reach of God’s love and compassion and transformation.


Here is a very brief extract from a poem by J Crum ‘Love is come again’, a prayer reflecting on this transformation, something that is still necessary in the world of today:

When our hearts are wintry, grieving or in pain,

Thy touch may call us back to life again.


Throughout the Easter season there is so much happening on our Parishes (details in the centre pages), and I look forward to welcoming you whenever you can join us – even 6am on Easter morning is quite an experience! We greet the first light and go on to enjoy breakfast together.


I wish you a very happy and blessed Easter.


Priest in Charge



Grand Hever Quiz was a great success!

This year we celebrated the 20th Grand Hever Quiz. It was a capacity gathering with 190 guests, both local and more distant – north of the Thames no less!

Our main sponsors were Harwood Landrover and The Hever Castle Golf Club; the rounds and Table Top Teaser were all sponsored by local businesses too which makes the event a truly community affair. The Fundraising Committee extend the most grateful thanks for the generosity shown by all our supporters. We were delighted to welcome the well known man of magic Robert Pound who provided entertainment at the tables and we give a huge Thank-You to the donors of raffle prizes. Yet again we are greatly indebted to Gerry Ryan for the superb sound system which is so vital to the event.

Most importantly we give our sincere thanks to Hever Castle for allowing us to hold the Quiz in the Guthrie Pavilion and to Paul and his team for all their hard work in making the evening so enjoyable.

We are all celebrating the amazing total profit of just over £3000. This is a tremendous result for church funds especially bearing in mind that it costs about £134 per day to keep St Peter’s Church open. So, many thanks to all involved.

Ellie Heard and the Fundraising Committee