The Easter Story told by children

The story of Easter, told very beautifully by the children of Christ Church Tunbridge Wells. Our_Easter_Story_-_YouTube.jpg

Anyone is welcome to show this film publicly but not change it in any way, publish/broadcast it, nor make money out of it. ©ProspectArts


Palm Sunday Procession – with DONKEYS!

The Easter week starts this Sunday, March 20th, with the Palm Sunday service at Markbeech.  We are meeting at 10.45 am at Ann and John Cleeve’s house, Buckhurst Cottage, Markbeech, TN8 5NR where the donkeys live, and we shall follow the donkeys back to the church, singing and waving palm fronds. It’s a lovely occasion and much enjoyed by children. There are two donkeys a mother and her foal – watch the video for our attempts at seeing how the mother donkey takes to having a young rider on her back for the first time!

Donkey training for Palm Sunday